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History of the Farm

Biringer Farm - From Chickens.....To.....Strawberries ...

and now, a part of The Red Rooster Route Family Farms in the Arlington area.

The farm has been providing strawberry lovers with the sweetest, juiciest, strawberries since 1948.


Viktoria & Michael Biringer of German decent started a chicken farm in Pennsylvania in 1938 delivering chickens to New York Markets. Relatives coaxed them to the fertile soil of Marysville, WA in 1948 where they started growing strawberries for which they became renowned.



Mike, 2nd generation farmer, his wife, Dianna, and now their son, Gary continue to grow those luscious berries with a new twist to agriculture since 1980 called Agri-tainment and now Agri-Tourism. In the early 80's, "city folk" were invited to participate in annual summer and fall harvest festivals that include fun farm activities along with plucking fresh choice fruit right from the vine.


Summer festivals can include A Giant Strawberry ride, jump in a Strawberry Inflatable or crawl through a Castle Maze, Pennies in the Hay, Picnic on a Covered Wagon & eat fresh Strawberry Shortcake.

It's a tradition! "Berry lovers" continue to trek to the farm and enjoy the simple down to earth pleasures of life! Families board the farm trolley that takes them down winding dirt roads to wide open fields, while fresh breezes bring the fresh aroma of ripening fruit. Families laugh & share together while plucking choice fruit right from the vine. Kids come in from the fields with tell tail red juice mixed with dirt on their faces that shows it wasn't all work but some play and fun out in the berry fields.
Unique to Biringer Farm: Pickers scramble to "lay down on the job" on padded ironing boards on self-propelled picking platforms that the farmer built in 1962. They are still used today. Customers ride "The Jolly Trolley" that the farmer built in 1979 to the u-pick berry fields.

Biringer Farm also drives "The Jolly Trolley" right out of the berry fields to participate in two different local community parades: Marysville Strawberry Festival, in which, the farmer's have been honored as Honorary Marshals and Grand Marshals over the years. The trolley also participates in the Arlington 4th of July Patriotic Parade.


Now the Biringers are growing berries in a new location. Six local farmers including Biringer Farm in the Arlington, WA area have formed a new marketing organization called The Red Rooster Route Association along with Pioneer Museum.
The Biringers enjoy sharing the wholesome hands-on farm experiences with city dwellers, where everyone involved takes away treasured memories.

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