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Berry Pickers: Age 14 & Over


Identification Requirements

1. Proof of Identity & Work Authorization

-Examples of Documents that Prove Identity AND Work Authorization: U.S. Passport, U.S. Passport Card, Permanent Resident Card, Employment Authorization Card

-Examples of Documents that Prove Identity (needs to be accompanied by a document proving work authorization): Driver’s License, Government-Issued ID Card, School ID Card (current year), School Yearbook with photo (current year)

-Examples of Documents that Prove Work Authorization (needs to be accompanied by a document proving identity): Social Security Card, U.S. Birth Certificate

Check this out to make sure you have what you need for this first requirement!

List of Acceptable Documents for Form I-9 – English

Listas de Documentos Aceptables para Formulario I-9 – Español

2. Original Social Security Card

3. Proof of Age (any government document listing your date of birth)

Other Requirements

  • *Minors must have a parent signed Parent/School Authorization form or a signed Parent Authorization Summer Work form.
  • *Pickers are required to attend one hour orientation. Minors must have a parent attend orientation with them.
  • *Pickers are responsible for their own transportation. Our farm is not on a bus route.
  • *Pickers who are dropped off must be able to call and be picked up at any time in case we finish early (NO LOITERING on the farm).
  • *Pickers are required to bring their employee badge each day. Only Biringer Farm employees with their own badge are allowed in the field.
  • *Pickers are required to return their badge when they are done working for the season.
  • *Pickers must be able to bend, stoop, and squat for long periods of time.
  • *Pickers must be able to pick 4 flats or 4 buckets of QUALITY berries EVERY HOUR!

Berry Picking Times & Hours

  • Strawberry harvest – 3 to 5 weeks, mid-June to end-July
  • Raspberry & Tayberry harvest – 3 to 5 weeks, July – Mid Aug
  • Approximately 6 AM to 2:30 PM

For details on times and hours for minors, please read “Young Workers in Agriculture”

Pay Schedule Example

Pickers are paid piece rate, not hourly

Flats/Buckets, Start $2.75 per 6-box-flat or $3.00 per bucket, LESS Employee Taxes.

Biringer Farm Picker Employment Overview

Hello and thank you for your inquiry. Please allow us to give you an overview of our farm policies for employment purposes and to determine if the job provided is workable for those who wish to apply. With respect to hiring minors, we appreciate the zeal in which they might have for a first-time job in the real world. We have however, experienced that a high percentage find the work more difficult then they realized and quit soon after they start; therefore, we want to provide a thorough understanding of the challenges in this workplace before applying for this position. In order to help make that first work experience a positive one, we do require that parents’ partner with us if we call them to work and attend a one hour orientation.

Employees must be 14 yrs or older by the first day of work. Parents will need to sign minor work authorizations.

There are a couple factors that affect the need and/or availability of a workforce at Biringer Farm:
1. When the crop ripens (each crop once ripened lasts approx. 3-4 weeks).
2. When school ends for the summer.

Also, there are other factors that set our pace for each harvest day in order to determine how many pickers are needed in a day:
1. Weather determines the ripening of the berries and/or if we even pick.
2. The availability of ripened berries (light picking to heavy picking in peak of season).
3. The number of orders to fill in a day which may change by the hour.
4. Number of pickers needed to carry out orders for the day.

NOTE: Pickers are required to make prior arrangements to have a driver available to pick them up immediately upon finishing for the day. For safety reasons, biking or walking off the farm is not permitted. Disrespect for Biringer Farm Employees, Customers and Property are cause for dismissal. NO Loitering on the Farm (temptation for mischief).

Biringer Farm believes in fairness, demands respect for one another, and expect the very best end product to meet our customer demand. We can only give the very best service to our customers as our employees are determined to provide. To give our customers the very best we use the most experienced pickers first.

Don’t be discouraged….New applicants may apply using the application below. Names will then be put on a waiting list. We will evaluate the status of our crop and update our phone message when changes happen.

As more pickers are needed, (usually during the peak) we would then give new applicants an opportunity to work. In light of the variables that we work around each harvest day, number of hours a picker is needed could vary in a day from as little as 3 to 8 hours. Also, the crop could be as short as 2 weeks or up to 5 weeks, depending on weather. For these reasons, each picker with parents in case of a minor, needs to determine whether they want to take on the variables of the job, considering transportation and family schedules.

Further, pickers are required to pick 4 flats or 4 buckets in an hour (6 small boxes in a flat). That takes self discipline and determination!. The flat rate may vary, Example:$2.50 for a 6 box flat. The rate goes up proportionately as the crop winds down. The wages per flat are determined when the season starts. Pickers are notified of the current rate.

Last and more importantly, we respectfully consider our employees our customers too! We aim to create a wholesome environment for them. This work opportunity will enable them to learn good working skills, such as self discipline, keep commitments, learn to organize themselves, be able to take instruction, learn to work with others, and learn the integrity of providing a quality product & service to others. The value of building character a picker receives for future success is truly underestimated. To this day, many adults share with us their first strawberry picking experience with great affection.

Berry Line: 425-259-0255 – Press 2 and the # key for daily picker updates.

Applicants have rights under Federal Employment Laws

Equal Employment Opportunity Is the Law – [revised 11/09]  English  |  Spanish

Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 – [revised 4/16]  English  |  Spanish

Employee Polygraph Protection Act – [revised 7/16]  English  |  Spanish

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